About us

The Dayrise Method: Productivity tools designed to help you tap into your 28 day cycle, regain your natural energy and live a more balanced life. 

Tell me if this resonates with you:
  • You want a better way to manage your time without adding more to your plate.
  • You want to be more productive but it's hard to stay consistent.
  • You wish you had more hours in the day to do everything you want to do.
  • Some days you feel amazing and your motivation is on fire, other days you can't quite get moving.
  • You're tired of feeling like your energy is being drained by things that aren't your primary goal or focus.

The Dayrise Planner and the Cycle Tracker Journal are all about doing less instead of more. They are rooted in the idea that your brain is optimized for different things sat different times of the month, and you will not believe the the time and freedom you gain by taking advantage of this. When you follow the cycle of creativity, connection, productivity and nourishment, you give yourself a chance to tap into the best of every phase and you step into a rhythm that is deeply effective and restorative. You will spend more time feeling like you're in the right place at the right time and less time worrying about what you "should" be doing. Harness the peak of your energy and productivity and protect your lower energy days through a brand new understanding of your 28 day cycle and all its potential.

My story of navigating PCOS and fertility issues through a roots-up hormone health journey

I first started exploring my hormone health back in 2020. I had just been diagnosed with PCOS after a miscarriage, and I was at such a loss. I wanted so deeply to understand my cycle and get a sense of where my hormone levels were at so I could regain my fertility and manage my symptoms. This experience sent me down a long road of healing my body through food, hormone mapping, and a serious supplement regimen. Fueled by my dream of starting a family, I started tracking my energy level and productivity as it fluctuated throughout the month so I could understand where I was in my cycle and find my rhythm again. For six months, I kept a detailed journal of how I felt - creative, productive, motivated, low energy, or reflective. By the end of that time, I realized had a data set that was wildly informative and 100% unique to me and my cycle.

Now I'm working passionately to help other women do the same - to gain a more positive understanding of how to harness the power of each phase of their cycle and step into better hormonal health. The biggest change I hear from the women in my programs are about rotating their tasks and projects using my system, from brainstorming to creation, connection and production, and what a huge impact this has had on their work and productivity. The second thing that seems to resonate with my clients and students is the capacity to be more self aware and feel less guilty about what they think they should be doing and more in tune with what their body and brain need on a given week. 

Throughout all of this, I've been sharing my story of healing through food, my fertility journey, pregnancy and life as a new mom. I am honored to be bringing this planner to market and have been dreaming about the way it's going to change the way women work, live and nourish their bodies.

This changed my course forever 

This business would not exist without my mom, Serena Livingston. She is the QUEEN of planners, having personally tried about half a million of them, and she is always inspiring me to stay true to yourself and live life to the fullest. We created these tools together, through rigorous testing, focus groups and creative planning sessions over lavender lemonade all throughout my pregnancy. We would sit on the front porch and sketch different layouts or hold zoom calls with women from all walks of life exploring how these tools could help them find more balance, energy and time freedom in the midst of everything else they had going on.

Three months ago my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer, a glioblastoma, and it left us reeling. We know we may only have a year or two more with her but we are savoring every single day and doing things exactly how we know she'd want them to be - mornings on the beach, watching the sun come up, afternoons painting and cooking, and enjoying all the sweet moments that make you slow down and "be here now." I am so grateful for her influence on this project and we are so thrilled to be bringing you the Dayrise Planner, coming spring 2024. 


What if I don't have a period?

If you don't have a period or a cycle, but still want to tap into your feminine side, this method is absolutely for you. We all have one, and learning to follow our natural rhythms instead of the 9-5 grind can be deeply restorative and nourishing.

To use this system without a period, you can simply follow the moon phase. When the full moon begins, you start your Phase 1 (usually aligned with the menstrual cycle). After 5-7 days, as the moon wanes, you move into Phase 2. At the new moon, you celebrate Phase 3 and as it waxes you transition to Phase 4 which lasts for 10-14 days.

Go at your own pace, find your natural rhythm and tap into a cycle that feeds your soul.

Where would I start if I've never done this before?

The best place to start is the cycle tracker journal, which guides you to tracking how you feel each day in an approachable five-minutes-a-day style notebook. The patterns you find are the keys to the kingdom.

You will also love our productivity planner - it's the very first planner designed for your 28 day cycle and the waitlist is growing fast!

Why is this important?

Our hormones have a real and tangible effect on the way we feel, think and work throughout the month. So often when we talk about our menstrual cycles, all we hear is a long list of symptoms and side effects. The influence of progesterone on productivity and estrogen on creativity and fast thinking was the first I'd ever heard of a positive thing about having a period. 

Over 80% of women have a hormonal imbalance and only now are we seeing mainstream advice about how to eat and exercise in each phase to balance and heal your body. I am so grateful to the doctors and hormone specialists paving the way to a future where we can be more in tune with our natural cycles and feel better and more stable throughout the month.

I want to go one step beyond that and teach people how to thrive every week of your cycle by tuning into your natural patterns to harness the strengths and benefits of each phase. Rotating your tasks and projects to match where you are in your creative flow is a powerful thing. By practicing the art of task rotation, you will more often find yourself in the right headspace at the right time and spend less time worrying about what you should be doing or why you can't get everything done. 

What is this all about?

Inside the planner, you'll find tools for how to map out your exact creative workflow and decide how to rotate household chores, projects at work and self care to match where you are in your 28 (ish) day cycle. Together we are paving the way to a future where we understand our bodies and our cycles and use them as a tool to unlock our best and most fulfilled selves every day of the month.

I see you out there rising.

To finding the way forward!

XO - Gen

I always tell my friends to start by mapping out your own cycle. It's 100% unique to you, and the more you know about how you think and feel in each phase, the better you will understand how to plan ahead and match your life to the way your energy and mindset are going to ebb and flow throughout the month.