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Cycle Tracking Journal - 28 days of tracking energy, mood and productivity

Cycle Tracking Journal - 28 days of tracking energy, mood and productivity

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Track how you feel throughout the entire month with this guided journal that predicts when your energy will rise and fall. Harness your peak productivity and get more out of your highest motivation days. Each page has a five-line-a-day style space for a quick journal entry for jotting down how you feel that day, what you struggled with and what projects you felt most drawn to. Check the boxes to see which phase you're in and use the sliding scales to keep track of your energy and productivity levels each day. At the end of the month you'll have a crystal clear picture of how you feel throughout your entire cycle so you can plan ahead, find more balance in your life and step into your favorite version of yourself every day of the month.

  • Guided journal
  • Five minutes a day
  • Checklist to figure out where you are in your cycle
  • Energy tracker and productivity tracker
  • Journaling prompts in the back for reflection

Tap into your inner voice and find your most vibrant self in just three months.

"Truly a gift to myself and my wellbeing! I am already more in tune with my body and am feeling empowered by this new level of understanding and self awareness!" - Grace W

"It made me so much more compassionate with myself because instead of blaming myself for not being productive or energetic on certain days, I’m able to embrace my cycle and all that comes with it. Thank you!!!" - Elisabeth F

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