28 Day Rising Next Steps

Thank you!

You're all set, I just added you to the 28 Day Rising text challenge. Later today, I'll send you the welcome info and tomorrow we start!

Where can I get the journal:

If you don't already have the Cycle Tracker Journal, you can buy one here!

What you should know:

Each day, you'll make a short journal entry to keep track of how you feel, think and work throughout the month. 

Think of this like a five-line-a-day journal but for your hormone health. 

What should I write?

  • Did you feel productive? Creative? Confident? Brainstorm-y?
  • How was your energy level?
  • What did you feel like working on?
  • What tasks or projects did you struggle with?

When should I fill it out? 

It's totally up to you, but I like to make the entries towards the end of the work day, around 4 or 5pm once I have a better sense of how the day panned out. If you want to take notes on your phone, you can download the digital cycle tracker journal here.


Okay, that's it! I'll text you tips and tricks throughout the month and little tidbits about the hidden strengths of each phase and the ways you can leverage your cycle as a tool to invite more balance and productivity into your life. 

Just so you know, it's a two way text line so feel free to text me back! I love talking about this stuff, so hit me up anytime.

Shop the Cycle Tracker Journal here.