Special Offer for 28 Day Risers

Hey! I'm Gen Fisher. This is a special offer exclusive to those of you enrolled in the 28 Day Rising challenge. I see you out there tracking your cycle and getting tapped into that inner voice and I'd love to help you take this up a notch.

I help business owners, new moms and busy women reconnect to their cycle to activate more balance, time and freedom in their life. 

I want to help you boost your energy levels, naturally, and unlock the patterns that will help you create the most nourishing and fulfilling lifestyle for your specific cycle. 

Welcome to Yellow Ticket, where I'm inviting you to book a Cycle Alignment Session for $20 off the full price. You get the full benefit of the hour long phone call, all the bonuses, at a reduced rate because I can see the effect this is having in your life and I believe in the transformation that's about to happen.

In this session, I get to know you personally, provide customized recommendations for your life and work, and help you navigate this world of cycle tracking so you can get back to the stuff that makes you come alive.

Cycle Alignment Session

60 minute call with me, where we do a deep dive into the patterns of a healthy cycle and what you've been noticing in your own life. We'll pinpoint the days your energy tends to rise and fall, create strategies for batching your work during your most productive streaks and protecting your time when your energy is running low. During our call we'll explore ways to rotate your chores, projects and self care to match where you are in your cycle.

I'll send you a detailed survey to get you started, and at the end of the call you'll get a personalized package with a task rotation chart (to help with cleaning, meal prep and self care), an Ideal Month template and some prompts for your inner Visionary.

I can't wait to help you map out your cycle and step into the best version of yourself every day of the month. 

$67 + 1 hour call + personalized template package

NOW only $47 for a limited time! Use this custom link:

Book your special offer for the Cycle Alignment Session here. Spots are limited.

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The Empowered Cycle Program

A 3 month program where we tap into the entire Dayrise Method to transform your life and heal your habits from within.

This package includes 3 one-on-one calls with me:

  • Call #1: We do an overhaul of your needs, wants and to-do's. We talk about what's working and what's not, explore hormone healthy habits we can activate in your life and walk through the hidden powers of each phase of your cycle and how you can utilize them in your life and work.
  • Call #2: We go over your Cycle Tracker Journal, look for patterns within and identify your highest energy days, highest productive streaks and lowest energy days so you can predict them and plan around them.
  • Call #3: We implement the habits that will fuel your happiest self and we create a customized action plan for you to step into the life you've always dreamed of.


  • A customized task rotation chart that includes the exact timelines for meal prep, cleaning and self care that will match your cycle and bring your vitality to life.
  • A digital month map that we fill out together to help you stay on track with nourishment, movement, household chores and planning to keep you top of your game and feeling good through every phase.
  • Access to recipes and a cycle-based meal plan for the month with dinners, lunches, breakfasts and snacks (plus some hormone healthy bevs!)
  • Guided daily routines for each cycle phase to boost your energy and free up more time.
  • Immediate access to text support with me and regular check-ins to get your cycle health on track and feeling your best.

I can't wait to go on this journey with you. This program is based on the very things that changed my life and took me from burned-out-business-owner to thriving, running my business with ease, motherhood, feeling re-inspired, seeing steady progress in my life and loving my life again.

$497 + 3 months + 3 hour long coaching calls + regular check-ins and ongoing text support + templates, cycle-based meal plans and customized routines

Enroll in the Empowered Cycle Program here.