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Dayrise Planner with stickers - COMING SOON!

Dayrise Planner with stickers - COMING SOON!

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The very first planner designed around your 28 day cycle!

Get organized and tap into your intuition with this guided planner. It walks you through our revolutionary method of planning your life to align with each phase of your menstrual cycle, so you can harness your energy and productivity at its peak, freeing up more time the rest of the month. 

What's inside:

  • A guide to the four phases of your cycle - what to do, how they feel and what your brain is like in each one
  • Golden Day Planning Session (monthly planning tool to get the most out of every phase)
  • Ideal Month Map - design your perfect month so you know exactly when to take on each project, chore, budget meeting or social outing
  • Task rotation charts - rotate cleaning, meal prep and self care to match where you are in your cycle and take advantage of the hidden strengths of each phase
  • Cycle-at-a-glance - monthly planner pages where you can guesstimate when you'll enter each phase of your cycle so you can plan ahead with your headspace and energy levels in mind
  • Weekly Planner pages (52 weeks) with a checkbox to mark the phase you're in
  • Reflection prompts for your inner visionary 

BONUS: Sticker sheets to help you remember how you'll think and feel in each phase and the best ways to fuel your body and mind to feel your best every day of the month.

Hard cover, linen, case bound, 6"x9"

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