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Happy Period Sticker Sheets (set of 4)

Happy Period Sticker Sheets (set of 4)

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Stickers to help you align your life with your 28(ish) day cycle! Cute little reminders of how you'll think and feel in each phase and how you can nourish your body, harness your energy at its peak and when to step up your productivity. With one sheet for every phase - menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal - you can turn any planner or journal into a visual reminder of how to cycle sync successfully to feel like your best self every day of the month.

  • Menstrual phase - reminders to nourish your body, rest, reflect and set goals for the month. Journal, sip tea and break out your Planner.
  • Follicular phase - highlights your ability to start projects, get creative and solve problems. Plant ideas, light a fire, reach out to people and use your rising energy.
  • Ovulatory phase - time to shine with your communication and social skills at their peak! Date nights, budget meetings and more.
  • Luteal phase - Go mode! This is the best time to work hard, be productive and get things done. You have a powerful ability to turn inwards and stay focused so schedule your errands, meal prep and any big projects you want to knock out.
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